The Garden is There

the garden is there 

since we arrived we have been planning to plant more flowers pull the weeds remove a pile of decaying garbage that lies in a corner 

once or twice we watered it

then we decided the rain that falls

every four or five days was quite enough 

when we arrived

one or two fragile    violet    transparent flowers

floated in the air defined against a cooling shady green later more appeared 

each day new        miraculous                           blossoms

swayed back and forth      among the stalks and slender leaves 

little by little

all the flowers blossomed exhausting the harvest

some months later impelled


by a magical impulse

two adjoining rosebushes

were filled with flowers that soon



since then

every three or four days

we say to ourselves

we must buy seeds

fertilize the earth

water the grass


trim the shriveled flowers 

perhaps we'll do it 


the garden keeps on living its life  


and we our own